Siberian larch becomes more and more requested due to environmental aspects. Larch is suited for indoor and outdoor building as a replacement for creosoted material. The timber is naturally very durable and requires no harmful chemicals to preserve it. On the European continent Siberian larch is widely specifield due to the banning of CCA and other chemical preservatives.

In view of it's special natural qualities and the enormous supply
combined with good forest policy it is clear that Siberian larch is the
wood to compete with many tropical woods.

Larch is the alternative today and for the distant future.

10-25 years in ground contact, terrace boards
50-100 years unprotected outdoors
100-150 years protected outdoors
Shrinkage similar to hardwoods because of high density.

Because of the high density and resin content it is important to dry to the correct moisture content for the application:
Flooring and inside siding 8 ±2% MC
Outside siding and terrace 18-24 % MC
Larch is generally easy to work and glues well. Some pre drilling is advised at board ends when nailing.